I catch a spark from heaven

Night unfolds
Under a november moon
I catch a spark from heaven
As moonbeams flare my fingers
Stars dip into my inkwell
Spinning across pages
Binding lines together
Firing the ebony
In monochrome of abstract.
A flowerbed of sky..lanterns 
Glow platinium
Pushing darkness to pulse radiant
Dew scents night's heartbeat
Moving sepia of perceptions
As an opal sakura  breaks shadows

The winter wind dreams of spring...


87 thoughts on “I catch a spark from heaven

    1. Thank you 😊, my dear Robbie. I miss your all when I don’t write. I think now I like talking to all of you so I write lol poetry and comaraderie go together ! I draw inspiration from all your good heartedness. For this, I am thankful.

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  1. You probably lit up the page with this colorful construction of creativity Yassy. You amaze me with your combination of radiant wording and well placed form. This was a beautiful read and a treat for the minds eye🌹❀️.

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  2. if feels like change is coming. “moving sepia of perceptions.” i admit to not always knowing all you are saying but i get a feel after a few reads.

    this seems to express incomplete knowledge yet some sort of affect on the outcome. maybe i apply it to my own experiences too much. it is like a desire you have no ability to bring about but without giving up hope, or maybe holding on to a thread of hope and watching for it to happen .

    here winter is just setting in, and it feels good so far. we are already looking forward to spring and a change it will bring so i think that means you are talking about more than the seasons.

    “pushing darkness to pulse radiant.”

    Thank you yassy. it paints a scene i have seen and live.

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  3. i was given a couple wonderful sunsets the past two nights i no way deserved. truth is i don’t deserve any of them. it reminds me that love rules the universe which will eventually be evident to all. best to start seeing it now and let it rule in us as much as we are able.

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    1. You have to post. I miss your pictures. It helps me stay calm and connected. I know you my dear. You are the spirit ! The spirit that I can touch and feel.


      1. the sunset from 2 nights ago was the previous 5 pics. it was a bright orange, red and purple one as it went through it’s stages.

        i just posted 2 pics from last night. it was a glassy mirrored lake with feathered clouds moving across.

        wow. i am glad to grasp your poetry. the world is changing. maybe it is an awakening that is starting in people’s hearts.

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  4. I float on your words. As Imelda says (requests? Pleads? demands…?) take five seconds off each hundred and publish the book and I will loan you all my unused lazy when you are done and I have a bib napkin wider than worlds ‘neath my chewing eyes and grateful ears. The loan not really expected back: I have several sunders of perezoso unspent from youth ’till yesterday and can not contain the colossal growth of mine own laze past knowledge that I should spend some on you should your undertake the task of giving my bookshelf a reason to hold.

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