sweet strength

The color of breath
In the blue of heartbeat
Sweet strength of unseen..

I find my heart as
Soul succumbs to the sweet strength
Of spirit's wisdom...

My spirit flowers
As starglow sparks ivory
In a moon etched heart...

With heartbound eyes
I escape the boundaries 
Of imagination....

Vanilla laced clouds 
Wait for the melody of night
Ad i find sweet strength 
In the existence of your heartbeat..

86 thoughts on “sweet strength

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  2. “sweet strength” persistence, patience, and pursuit maybe? like the water smoothing the stones in the stream with the constant flow of motion. like performing daily routines that keep you growing, experiencing, learning and knowing so many good hearts exist in a world of turmoil.

    it amazes me how what is considered entertainment has no real appeal. it’s artificial and meaningless and vanity. I have watched lots of videos of Las Vegas after the shooting there and can imagine no reason why anyone would want to go there to begin with.

    beautiful poem of an inner search it sounded like to me.

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    1. To tell you the truth , I can’t relate to what people call entertainment. I have visited Vegas and didn’t find it fun maybe because I don’t gamble or drink or party . I am constantly looking to grow from inside and that is why I write , when that inner emotion wants to manifest itself. I am grateful to you for understanding this yearning .

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  3. I have walked alone in the dark since a young age. I don’t know why but for me it feels safe there. there have been a few times when I was scared briefly I guess. most of the time I do not feel alone. i can hear my breath and feel my heartbeat during those walks. very few understand that silly pleasure. it is not intense enough. yet I find intensity in simplicity that nothing else compares to.

    I had a flock of geese go over me close tonight as they were heading for the water. then they turned instead of landing and went over me again heading the opposite direction. what was up with that?

    before that a single white pelican flew in just as the wind kicked up after being completely still. the pelican landed a little ways out. it was already nearly dark so I could not get a picture. it is only the second pelican I have seen land there. it stayed a few moments and then flew off again. the wind kept blowing across the water. the pelican brought the breeze it seemed like. that was special.

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    1. I love these experiences you have with nature. It’s so special. This bonding with the earths elements. I can see you are a child of the earth. It’s a beautiful thing that you connect and I can sense the connection, you are one with nature my dear and these awesome creatures feel the empathy in you. You are blessed ! I am not scared to be alone too. We both are strong enough. I feel this kindred nearness with you. I can almost feel you near by. I can see you walkin along the beach and see all that you feel.

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      1. I posted a picture of how still the water was before the wind arrived with the pelican. when the wind started it gently disturbed the water surface making various patterns in different places like art work.

        most nights are uneventful which makes the special ones even more memorable. I still remember when the first white pelican landed a couple years ago which is the first one I ever saw. Then a month later there were literally hundreds of white pelicans that flew over one day when I was outside working. I have pictures of that amazing event which I have never seen the likes of before or since.

        do you really see me? your name reminds me that YAH sees. it is a good reminder which I need often. thank you

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      2. I see you in my mind’s eye. My heart sees you ! I want to see what you see. Your descriptions are so vivid , as I read your comment a visual unfolds. You know you can write and paint with the camera. I feel I know you forever! That is God in our eyes.


      3. maybe it helps that the pictures are taken in the same place. the sky and water are constantly changing which is the point.

        many of the sunsets are dramatic beyond belief like the blood red one from a couple weeks back. yet they seem to instill a calmness in me which I do not experience anywhere else. some nights I am agitated about other things going on. the sunsets help keep that in perspective.

        I think kind hearts do know each other because they know themselves after careful introspection, which leads to understanding our flawed nature and our need for better hearts and desires. your poetry expresses that.

        always a pleasure talking with you yassy.

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      4. did you see the praying angel girl picture? I saw her while she was there and took many pictures of her. I know it is my imagination but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have innocent hearts like that. able to pray looking up to heaven with hands folded in adoration, wanting what is best for everyone. now there is a heart to aspire to, if it were possible.

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  4. vanilla laced clouds
    to float in their essence
    bite into me beneath
    my pure white shrouds
    they afford me no protection
    I am seduced by your words
    your imagination riotous
    driven along righteous paths
    lined with vanilla-laced clouds
    your destination, eternity
    forever etched on hearts
    your words never forgotten

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  5. “The Boundaries Of Imaginatioin”! what a wonderful concept. Yassy, this has to be a book title. Now I have to go back and re-read because finding this gem hidden so low in the text caused me to go all-aglee and forget what came before.

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  6. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    “I escape the boundaries /Of imagination” still stunning in such simple complexity. This has to be a boot title – perhaps a compilation of your poems, Yassy. I am past awed by your wordchoice and wordplay, each rings so true and brings smiles of delight.

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