Unity Realized- A cleaved tanka with Mick E Talbot

....I weave rhapsodies/ words dance before you
....Enshrining words on paper/ obelisks of enlightenment
....Heartbeats quicken pulse/ hark metered rhythm
....As I map stars with my quill/ Ursa Major could guide me
....To rendezvous with cosmos/ perhaps map a planet 'B'

Thank you , Mick .

Pathos Of An Ethnos

I inhale the fragrance of dawn's freedom
I hear the waking thunder of solar star
Flaring light in sleep's monochrome
A violet birthright
Sun's verve fuels cerise
Plucking the mauve of life's heirloms
Making them the genetics of enlightenment
Effortless in clarity
Heartbeat of liberation..

When aesthetics of poetry perfect life
Love's tender truth blooms pink
Earth kisses man with
Her immense charity

Why is peace encrypted
Annihilation decoded
Truth losing to anarchy
An anthos crushed...

this nomadic night

Stars explode
Into restless words..
In ebony sky
My fluorescent eyes
Feel the pain
Of bewildered heart
As clouds move their 
Shadows over me
I push the night's darkness into starlight
A poem is born
In the purple of my breath
I turn my dreams 
Into poems

gypsy moon

In a brunette sky
Gypsy moon evanesces
Her flamenco flame
Silhouettes cadence
Soleares interlude
Twilight rakes in pain

Calla lilies dew
As jacaranda tides sway
Nightfall awakens