Deep purple

Stars burn on my fingertips
Firing the turquoise on my skin
Into a deep purple hue
As ancient suns
Sing hymns of wisdom
To a traipsing slow dancing
Quill losing its breath...

Ambushed by the writer's block
My quill spins deliriously 
Tracing mundane across breadth
Of a blank white page.

39 thoughts on “Deep purple

      1. I wouldn’t praise you if I didn’t feel it is deserved πŸ˜‰ I read your poems, your words in your comments, and you are one of the most kind, giving of yourself, generous, loving person that there is. I can’t give you real hugs but I can hug you with my words πŸ™‚

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      2. Margareta, you are one of the most gentlest person I know in this fabulous community of ours. Praise wants to praise you my dear girl, that is all I can say in your praise. I hope I meet you one day and give you some real sibling hugs πŸ€— ooh ! I can see your gorgeous face light up with that goodness of your heart. You look after yourself well, okay.

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