touch of breath to light

Stars explode dewdrops
On a honey nectar dawn
To a peach lacquered morn.
I catch dawn's first song, as
Waking birds waltz into flight.

A sojourn of melody
Sun sparks like burning diamond
Embossing the turquoise
Touch of breath to light..


51 thoughts on “touch of breath to light

    1. Your comment is pure poetry ! I get my inspiration to write from such beautiful inspiration that you imbibe in me through your warm thoughts. I hold in high esteem your appreciation of my work. Thank you my dear !πŸ˜˜πŸ€—β€οΈ

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  1. the beauty of your talent
    are your words
    they clear my mind
    refreshed I read you
    time and time again
    searching for your secrets
    in between your lines
    I drink in your passion
    my mind can’t be quenched
    Write and I’ll write with you
    even if it is only in my mind
    write on precious Lady
    your so very special
    one of a very special kind

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