harvest moon haiku


 saké drunk
on the harvest song-
a cupid meditates...

41 thoughts on “harvest moon haiku

  1. the song sung
    harvest harvested… all done
    the music plays on

    dance over
    fields naked… gave their all

    cupid meditates
    shooting arrows at random
    who knows their fate

    love is in the air
    cupids arrows everywhere
    run for your man/wife

    harvest gathered… done
    your words painted harvest gold
    your story told

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      1. It’s good to have you back. You are NEVER
        Leaving again. You are going to do what you love best and do best , write. Write away all your blues. Nothing is worth giving up poetry for. God bless you.


      2. I am always here for you my dear girl! I have never ever given up on you. I just want you to give priority to yourself and to your writing. That’s all I ask of you. It should be only about you from now onwards.


      3. See, poetry gives us so much stability when all else fails. So hold on to that. You don’t worry about anything now. Be happy. Just get that into your mind that only you matter and poetry is important! We are all here for you my girl. Just chill now. Enough of sadness.


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