october stars

In the poetry of stars
I sing songs of solitude
In an awakening night
The wind slips me dreams...

Clouds and moon play peek-a-boo
Gathering dancing shadows
On a siver dewed landscape
A breeze anchors me

Among night blossoms
A virginal moon plays
 Song of the stars

36 thoughts on “october stars

      1. My pleasure, I missed your poems as I’ve been so busy lately to even write for my blog. So when I read this, it connect me with Nature. Keep them coming Yassy πŸ™‚

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  1. Peaceful poetry…….the clouds and moon play peek-a-boo, classic description of the hidden skies on the peaceful night. So much detail in your craft….such an artist in using placid paint to complete your workπŸ’«. Beautiful indeed Yassy!!

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      1. I hope to give you a hug some day. Your a good hearted man !
        I pray too , that all of us on this mom earth should be happy 😊!
        I am happy I know you , Mick. My faith in humanity is reinstated by your kindness.

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