poetry is adrenaline

I dance on my soul's lyrics
Sparking my ink dreams
Poetry is adrenaline
Pulsing eclectic

Silver thistle of my nib
Carving beauty out of words
Golden on my spirit's skin
Healing bruises...


134 thoughts on “poetry is adrenaline

      1. Never to busy to read & appreciate a good piece. I might be lagging at time s but I try to catch up!
        And I didn’t know about them… PP was there until about 2-3 days a go. N was holidaying in Pondy, no?

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  1. Your poetry is adrenaline!! Reading it sends your readers on a rush because we can instantly visualize your every word and feel it. Your ink brings things to life and that’s a talent. How else can people explain how they are out of breath after reading your work! You are adrenaline because you are poetry Yassy. 😊

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    1. You say the nicest things. Aw! My evening is going to be beautiful now and the rest of the week will carry me through with your words in my mind. Thank you for the goodness of your heart , Jo.

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      1. ❀ ❀ ❀ Thank you! I am so very happy to have met you and so very happy to have the opportunity to read your beautifully penned feelings! I am grateful. ❀️😘

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  2. Dig this! My favorite like is β€œpsing eclectic”
    I am currently hosting a poetry contest and would love to see a submission from you! Check it out if you’d like, no entry fee but there are prizes πŸ‘πŸ»

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  3. There’s so much electricity in your writing- it’s gorgeous! I’m just starting out blogging, and I really appreciate that you followed me ☺️ I’m loving reading your work!!

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  4. amazing wording, and that play on words is absolute GENIUS girl!. I’m just starting out in writing my poetry publicly, not as developed in my writing as you are but I hope to be one day, I would love some critique from you, I want advice from people whose poetry inspires me, check out my page please, whenever you get some time ❀

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    1. Of course, I will read your work as soon as soon can be. Denise, what a nice name. I will follow yo if I haven’t. Thank you for reading my work and inspiring me even more,😊

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      1. Dopamine? That’s easy:
        in chocolates and drawn out kisses, in sunsets and sunrises, behind the doors of a gym and those of pizza places, in the insides of a book and between pages.
        She asked me where can I find dopamine, and I told her it was easy.
        What do you say to that? πŸ˜‰

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