this nomadic night

Stars explode
Into restless words..
In ebony sky
My fluorescent eyes
Feel the pain
Of bewildered heart
As clouds move their 
Shadows over me
I push the night's darkness into starlight
A poem is born
In the purple of my breath
I turn my dreams 
Into poems

67 thoughts on “this nomadic night

      1. I missed you too my dearest sibling , it’s such a beautiful wonderful comfort , your words and your presence in my life. I feel so much better now.
        I am going to head to your page to see your new posts.
        My dearest Maggi. 😘thank you girl.

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  1. How ironic Yassy, your poetry is simply dreamy. The way you take certain ingredients like beauty, time, heart, art, and soul and put it into a mixing bowl and come out with a poem is amazing. I loved this one, simply a dreams ink.

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  2. your dreams into poems
    for others who turn your
    poems back into dreams
    but dreams I have too
    and I confess oft of you
    as my muse inspiring me
    always. oft of stars shining
    conveying your beauty,
    your talent with words
    often my feelings you’ve
    stirred of wonder, of stars
    that use your eyes to
    reach those in need
    in far off places across
    many skies through
    the darkness of night,
    to sun filled days, on
    your passion many
    survive. time to leave
    time to move on,
    time stands still for no
    one, write on precious
    Lady write on!

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