pain lays itself down into september's breath
i decorate my  bodice with heaven's glow
fingers push vowels into a canvas 
pulsing ruptured
pain etches plea
broken stars ignite vignette
axiomatic glimpses grace
virgin sheets
sighs ripple blue flames
charming an escape
of life's fragrances
essences burn golden
eternalizing petaled reflecions

an artist pours
her expressions---

Numb to the awful

A comment ‘ numb to the awful’ from my friend Grant @GrandTrines inspired this post.

I thank Charlie encouraging me to write beat.

Whirling through the galaxy
I feel stars in my mouth
They breathe the loneliness of seeking,
As blodshot eyes spill;
The bane of clueless thoughts-bound by laws
Earth bound in a decrepit world
Numb eyed-apocalyse filled where
Truth spits white grime 
In an organic milky way- my sky...a lost blue echo

I tread space trying to catch flowers and find
Mortal remains of lightening bugs..
A seed from earth floats- a transit to inception
I peer into the black hole
Earth gapes at me
Horendous fires glaze..a trapeze of existence..

The space is like an unused womb bearing
Vast infinte of coagulated blood
Stars gnarl into a blood vessel highway
Pulling up a scentless garden
Black flowers twirl...color numb
My muse is numb to the awful
Armageddon loaded.