The ghost of my dreams

Inspired yet again by Allen Ginsberg
I also thank Charlie.

The ghost of my dreams talked to me
I shut it up with sleep
Then dreams invaded my sleep
I caught them, seeing the fantasy
I woke to a fantasy that eluded memory
Lost in sepia..unattainable-desolation lingered
I went into life...and did my time here
Imagery on my mind...some comfort
Work was like dagger piercing my nerves
Nerve cells shouted
I could not stop
Life did not stop its tirade
Its beating
I had this intelligent my brain
Telling me otherwise
I had to go on
That was the truth of my dreams
A semi-black fate.

86 thoughts on “The ghost of my dreams

      1. Likewise. “Things” have been grabbing my attention, so I am away at times these days. Hope all is well with you and your part of the world. (We have floods here; I am about 300 km north of Houston.)

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      2. A bit overwhelmed at the moment by “things.” It is a long list. Storms have been just light rain up here in DFW, but as you likely know Austin / Houston were slammed and they will likely have devastation as big, or bigger, than Katrina. Nobody seems willing to talk about this, but hurricane season is not over. They could be hit again….

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      3. You better take care! It’s quite worrying. If you have to move , you have to. Don’t take chances. Better be safe. Not worth taking undue risks.
        Just drop a line now and then to say you are okay.

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      4. I really do appreciate that you care. When I wrote that little bio of mine that says I like chatting with my international friends, you were one of the people I was thinking of!

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      5. Sick relatives. Sick friends. Sick pets. The usual complaints from myself. I could make a list, but it is a bit too personal for the ‘net. And, when it has been happening for some time, you start to become a bit numb to things that are utterly awful. (There is a good start to a poem for you: Numb to the awful, I live from day to day….)

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    1. Writin is so much us. I can connect and bond with you well because your poetry speaks to my soul. It’s simply mind blowing. I have been so wanting to read your kind of work.


  1. Life’s circumstances bring us days like this while for some it’s a daily occurrence. I really love this, Yassy, and felt the ache in each line, as the speaker does ‘time’ and keeps on going. Some of us work from the time we are old enough to carry ourselves and our lives become prisons where dreams are our only escapes. Were you reading Ginsber’s “Howl” before writing this?

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    1. Yes, I been reading ‘Howl’ too and a lot of his other poems. It opened my mind immensely immeasurably! Life gives us these circumstances and maybe imprison us with this thing called fate. I am glad you got the gist. You have understood more than I expected ! Thank you , Aly Aly

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      1. Ginsberg was a great Beat writer and his work has such impact. It is always good to broaden ones mind and therefore insights by reading widely. I am grateful to be able to read your inspired and inspiring work. This piece made me think of the lives of our aboriginal peoples in the wake of being displaced by colonial competition, it made me think of those impacted by slavery and it made me think of the millions of refugees looking for a little sepia in their war torn lives. Then it made me think that maybe the prisons we find ourselves in sometimes, could both be physical and mental. Either way, your piece has sent my thoughts to hold a conference and I have no idea what will come of it. You are most welcome, my friend!

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  2. Nerve cells shouted yes, the intelligent oxygen seeks to connect to all the spirit in this world and bind together to rise up against the evil that is taking hostage of our very own planet.

    Powerfully written poem yassy. A beat poetry that is refreshing and holds truth of today. πŸ™‚

    I’m so proud of you. πŸ™‚

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    1. You have always been kind to me , Charlie. I think that gave me the courage and fired the inspiration to write.
      I still think you say the nicest things. Thank you.
      It’s my own little way of saying I am grateful to you for the encouragement. 😊😊

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      1. In the first one I was being attacked by a dinosaur that came alive in a museum. Odd, since I haven’t seen the Night at the Museum movie in years. The second one someone tried to hurt my cat…. so, yeah, not so nice. 😝

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