paper plane of love

I am staring blankly at the blackboard
The teacher's voice is going over my head
The yearning in my heart just can't be ignored
Tearing my concenteration to a shred.

The paper plane I made with my heart on it
On someone else's desk flew and landed
I laid out my heart in this little love chit
So embarassed to be caught red handed.

You only seem to have eyes for that blonde with blue eyes
My feelings I pen for you become poetic art
This love I have for you may come as a surprise
The thought of you does strange things to my heart.

I am dreaming in class, my grades are falling
Can't you see what you are doing to me?
Scrawling, doodling on paper, my heart is waiting
Baby, look into my eyes just once and see my plea.


62 thoughts on “paper plane of love

      1. You writing the way you do is different that you write from your own experiences of stream consciousness of poetic visuals. What your heart and soul speak, are the words that heal us the reader and makes us viewers feel the passion of those who write with soul power.

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      2. Well, I finally understand your poetry. I think I have been lazy before .
        I know I write mostly what my spirit feels but it’s good to be able to write like you. I did read a lot about beat poetry and would like to experiment.
        You are kind to say all that you said , Charlie. Thank you.

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      3. Experimenting with beat poetry is the way to go and further explore that writing technique. Believe me if you write some beat poetry and study it well. You’ll amaze yourself of what you just wrote. Your going on a good direction and whatever it is your doing. Keep it up my friend. 🙂

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  1. Sigh! This brilliant piece take me back to my grade school days. I, too, sent paper airplanes in the direction of a special someone whose affection I so wanted to be on the receiving end of. Sadly, teachers intercepted those love-baring cargo planes. I should have used stealths. Eventually, I graduated to writing poetry to someone I wanted to date but never had the courage to ask. Those poems sit in a box somewhere with all the emotions they originally contained. Here’s to simpler, less-complicated days, my friend. I loved this!

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      1. You are most welcome, my friiend. Yes, I learned later in life to just go for it. Nowadays I can be too honest 🙂 Nothing worth anything is easy.

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  2. That’s what I was doing wrong yassy. I was screwing the poetry into a ball and throwing it at the fair maidens. Excellent poem and I hope someone got to appreciate the paper planes.

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