I sit in evening's portrait
anticipating twilight
solace of peace enters me
as nocturnal larks
croon into the milky way
stars serenade me gently
shining 'pon my lucent tears
my anguish subsides


79 thoughts on “solace

  1. Admiring art will often take our worldly woes away, even if it is for the duration of our admiration and watching the evening arrive, with its blended hues, is surely art. Better still if we can place ourselves within that art, which you have done here. I can see you, sitting in the evening, blending in with those changing hues, and I can see the anguish turn to calm as those loons offer their symphony to the universe. Ah, this is gorgeous, my dear Yassermaid.

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      1. Yes, I do, my friend. I love nature and, like you, observe it often to take it all in. Life is good when nature brings a poet like you into my world. Thank you for being a constant in my universe, Yasmine. Truly, from the depth’s of this Pacino’s heart!! πŸ™‚ (Imagine an emoji for a flower here as I am emoji-challenged) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀

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  2. We oft sit together, my muse.
    In our adjoining solitudes,
    exchanging glances,
    as we pass on journeys
    to and from the stars.
    Me to read your bespoke words
    You, to turn your word laden pages
    Your written treasures, words of gold.
    Each page you turn, a new story told.
    If it stills your anguish, write on.
    The evening larks lulling your senses
    Sleep opens your eyes,
    To dream of far away places
    It will dawn soon enough, dream on!

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    1. I can almost touch you as I read this. The power of your words, Mick. I am happy to be in their poetic journey with you , my best friend Mick.
      For me, poetry is dawn ! I love this journey that I take because it lets me dream .

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      1. Your vibes whisper to me at night
        Wake up, wake up, it’s time to write
        Awake, I can not see
        Dawns beauty blinding me
        I look again, it was not dawn
        It was your words, golden
        Raining down beams of light
        Their beauty, precious, a delight
        If only it was every day
        Your words to guide me on my way

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