in my heart

words break down

 they fall apart

I nurse them 

back to poetry 


107 thoughts on “in my heart

      1. You’re most welcome Yassirita. Yes writing does. I’m going to be away from the computer more than usual, for a couple of days. This is the actually the first chance I’ve had in the past day to even log in. You know how when it rains it pours. But I’ll be checking in on you, and looking for your beautiful prescience, and poems :):)

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      1. I have already surrendered myself to your expressions. Hmm.. It’s strange how poetry basically is the original expression of humanity and many people aren’t aware of it..

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      2. Because you are nonpareil in your art, people will think like that. As I believe the innate capacity of an artist is something their contemporary societies will always have hard time accepting. History taught us that.

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  1. love it… poorly words
    nursed by your good self…
    words personified

    was going to send
    a get well soon… no need now…
    you fixed them… alls well

    I have one more to
    read… bereft… you lack not words
    world… bereft of hope

    ยฉ MET 17/66

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