a hungry child eyes
ants trailing morsel...
a lost bird cries
for its nest...

like guardians of the street
rats gnaw 
homeless man's sidewalk.
the cold's blue scent
waft's into
loneliness of hunger..
silence of the night
carries the longing 
into dawn...
and an
unknowing day..


68 thoughts on “bereft

  1. So many crave necessities in this world while others have more than enough. The world is unfairly lopsided. I can feel the depth of your empathy in this beautiful piece, Yassy.

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  2. it’s a hopeless feeling not knowing when, you don’t even care where it comes from but when the next meal will come. Very hopeless when you are so hungry that you aren’t even hungry anymore. Hopeless when you get food and can’t eat it because your stomach is so shrunken that the very food you hurt for makes you sick. Hopeless when people tell you look sickly, and that you need to eat but there is nothing. Hopeless because it is too embarrassing to say, I want to eat but have no food. You captured this well Yassy :):) Much love and hugs dear one :):)

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    1. Your comment made me cry. You captured it all so well. Oh. That heart of yours is too kind. It simply melts away. Maggi , you do feel so much for everyone.
      It’s sad , isn’t it? Why there is so much poverty. Deforestation, homelessness, it’s everywhere. You step outside and it states you right in the face.

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      1. Do you think is it because of ideas of virtue being mutable? A Senryu comes to mind,
        Mutable virtue
        Faltering humanity
        Bestowed poverty

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      2. Poverty bestowed , yes. Zeus , I saw it on the streets , I see it here in India and anywhere I travel. It gets to me. What is mutable virtue. You are too clever got me. Yes, humanity has faltered And bestowed poverty on humanity.

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      3. That is the new idea of virtue being liable to change. It’s a sad believe with many followers (both willingly and unwillingly, I might add)

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  3. So I just read Percy’s poem which this inspired, but curious as to if this was inspired by our friend Afzal!? This seems like something he would really really like. Either way, very eery, can’t begin to imagine the awful circumstances they go through, but you do such a wonderful job of capturing that bleak hopelessness. Well penned Yassy!

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    1. Yeah, Afzal writes about human issues.
      These lines have been going round in my head for a few days now. Just had to put them down. What I see really affects me . It’s terrible to see people suffering.

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      1. That must be tough. I’m not sure about your home but in mine homelessness is very real and yet so surreall…I was homeless and yet never starved…It’s bizarre to say the least and yet very spiritual…but I also am fortunate to have a home now and benefit from hindsight

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      1. yassy, thank you. Your kind words humble me. All I can say is I am inspired by the wonderful poets and people I read everyday here on wordpress. You all draw the words from my heart and soul, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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      2. I think that is the wonder of this community of writers yassy. There is so much love and support and people can express themselves free of judgement. We all inspire each other to find our true writing heart πŸ™‚

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  4. so… so saddening
    one day my tears will stop
    when my heart ceases

    the 20th-century
    technology abundant
    yet humans starving

    my sentiments
    our leaders sadly lacking
    feelings… empathy

    er you forget
    i wont forget you, my muse
    you precious Lady

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