in the blank of my page

 I see your eyes 

 in the blank of my page;

 your eyes become 

 my poem 



85 thoughts on “in the blank of my page

      1. I’ve been the busy little bee these past few days. I have had a few hours to myself this afternoon, and I have enjoyed it πŸ™‚ How about you? I was going to give it until the evening, and if I didn’t see you, send you a comment and see where you were :):)

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      2. Nobody is perfect. God made us that way , so that we realize our mistakes , repent and ask for His mercy which He is in abundance of.
        It is human nature and nothing to be ashamed of. We were not made angels so we will err, time and time again.
        No worries , at all . Rest assured you are loved.

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  1. Oh!
    a verse with life of its own.. Now that’s inspirational.. No wonder only you can invoke such feelings, Calliope.. And that too with refinement and restrain..

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  2. Your eyes reflect your words
    To the stars, they shine and fill my page
    Each word a piece of you, with love I read

    words of a poet…
    the essence of their being
    their heart beats

    to read… and feel
    emotions transcribed with love
    a poets passion

    their quill fittingly
    the poets heart doth guide
    filling blank pages

    empathy… each word exudes…

    i too a poet
    write with my heart beating, words
    inspired by you

    my muse
    my inspiration
    Yasmin Khan

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