Lido Of Venice

Hearts transported, feet sinking into welcoming sand
Warm frothy waters caressing tanned skin
couples seek this treasure trove away from city’s din.
lovers captivated by the Golden Island

As the magnificent orb sets on a glorious day
Frolicking thoughts and passions play
An effervescent sky casts a seducing light
On Adriatic sea somnolent in evening’s twilight.

As the night climaxes into wee hours of morning
Horizon glows with effusion of new day dawning
The Lido of Venice, a lagoon enclosing love-in
Paradise, a haven where romance will never wear thin.


45 thoughts on “Lido Of Venice

  1. Venice Lido, from the Venice film festival.. You are without borders, a voyager Calliope.. The middle lines are heavenly.. For some reason I remembered your Bedouin post.. Now I know why? Take care…

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  2. This is beautiful, Yassy. The movement from day to night is perfectly laid out to match the rise in passion. Exquisitely written, vivid, warm and inspirational. Had dreams of visiting Italy but those dreams have long passed. Thank you for taking me on a brief trip.

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  3. I love this. I got to visit Italy for around ten days earlier this year, and three of those were spent in Venice, leading up to New Years. You captured the feeling perfectly!

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      1. No I didn’t, unfortunately, and I was so jealous of everyone I saw checking in! It was a school trip, so we stayed in a city just outside of the island to save money and drove in every morning. Milano is definitely on the list when I study abroad!

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