dreamily astonished

I bask in the virginal silence of the woods, a silence broken
by soft voices of angel-throated birds.A freeborn wind is soothed
by warblings of birds on its breast. This is the nearest in heaven to me, 
this singing life of woods, hills and mountains.

blossoms scents enthrall
a bouquet of aurora
fathomless glory

I walk along the trail of leaves, the slender pathway strewn with leaves
and blades of grass covered with dew. Golden spears of sunlight touch 
mellifluous sounds under orange boughs.

birds flamenco
the wind pirouettes on arms of
dancing fragrances

I empty my overburdened heart into the pages of my book, dipping
my pen into my own blood,ridding my heart of restless contemplations.

a brimming chalice
wells up like a crimson tide:
my quill fills....

A haibun.


78 thoughts on “dreamily astonished

  1. The mermaid slips from her aqueous slumber to share the ink from her well, leaving us waltzing among the fragrances of her words. This is a gorgeous haibun, Yassy. May the chalice always overflow. Happy Friendship Day, my friend!!! πŸ™‚

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