indescribable agony

indescribable agony

 of a blank page;

 all that remains

 of a poet’s dream



82 thoughts on “indescribable agony

  1. i clean my dirty dishes, when i am feeling down, which makes me feel better, with the kitchen looking cleaner, and ready for another meal. then i get to cooking.

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  2. thank you. we hear you in our hearts with each poem. you have so much to be happy about. you touch people and move them with your work. look at all the likes. that has to say something. you are liked yassy.

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  3. Oh, gosh. This aching to the centre of the soul. A poet’s dream a blank page. Sigh. This has left me feeling deeply sad. Hope you are having a great weekend my dear Yassermaid.

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  4. the next poem is around the bend, the words appear in the mind’s eye, when you least expect to see it, there it is in all it’s detail, to be plucked and put to paper.

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      1. No it isn’t nice. I’m trying to write a tribute poem for my cat but all I get is tears and the memories of her early childhood. Her later years come up up but later on. Good luck to you Yassy.

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      1. Do you keep a Word/Phrase Bank? A place you write down words or phrases that hit you as great that you write down to save as inspiration in the future? I have found it helpful for “dead time”.

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