my dreams with words
that come undone
like a broken sigh
firing my soul
a prayer
I reach  for the stars
to follow dreams




47 thoughts on “Musings

      1. That would necessitate a precondition of making a mistake.. If anything it would be treated as of now, by one who does, nitpicking..

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  1. I’d give you a critique but I have none. Except maybe dammit I wish you weren’t so far!!! Could you imagine the two of us giggling til the dawn concocting poetry like witches around a cauldron hehehe

    Your poetry is as effortless as breathing. I swear you must have a central line of muses in your soul. You’re inspiration herself!

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    1. I so want to meet you. Well, I actually can, come to think of it. 😊 yes! It’s possible. We will write and giggle together till the wee hours, am insomniac as I am ha ha , we will put a spell on you know who😜
      Thank you dearest soul saster of mine, you say such lovely thinks I feel I am sitting with God himself. God , where art thou? We want to meet each other. Please help God.


  2. prayer is so awesome. heart language and yearning. being connected to the Eternal Who transcends us and gives us our being. the ability to communicate with Him as we experience life and learn. what if everyone took some time to pray? you have to believe though. let’s wish.

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      1. Honestly, my mind is running 50 thoughts at a time, so I sit down and try to capture some. Just like your nonette(not sure if that’s the correct spelling) created another thought, inspired me, sat down and wrote it out πŸ™‚ My stories are the same. They are memories, that seem to always be floating around in those 50 thoughts, I’m always having hahaha πŸ˜‰ Problem is, I can never catch them all πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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      1. We all need them from time to time so we can rejuvenate and let the muse(s) do their work. If you take one, let it not be a lengthy one.

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