as sun journey's west
delicious little sunbeams
lose themselves in twilight haze
shadows drowse in rising gloam
solitary bird flies home

a yellow moon burns
sky unravels coasting stars
silver moonbeams wrap my hair
fireflies flame my gaze
I cradle my solitude
drawing peace from the unknown.


67 thoughts on “duskfall

    1. Yes, solitude is beautiful, peaceful ! You understand, you my twin Soul would definitely! I think we could atleast talk on the phone. Now, why didn’t I think of it before. Say what?

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      1. Am sitting on a tree right now. Hope the branch doesn’t break , nah it’s mind tree 🌲 lol πŸ˜‚ hahaha crazy me , hope we don’t run into animals.


  1. weeds taller than my waist
    snakes slithering in the lake
    bugs wanting to get blood
    covered protection head to toe
    sweating profusely down my back
    gnats all around my head
    dragonflies are my welcome friends
    struggling to get through mud
    pushing hard to the point
    water emblazoned in festive color
    fish jumping for the joy
    sky changing with dramatic intensity
    twilight relaxing my sore eyes
    colors bloom in the sky
    then wane refusing to die
    leaving me in amber glow
    making my way back alone
    filled with wonder and overwhelmed
    at what was given again
    oh how i love sunset

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      1. no, you do. i only relay what i do in 5 word lines. it has to be simple for me before i can do it. your poem brought that out of me. Thank you yassy.

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  2. Hey Yassy, this is well scribed and it portrays the awesomeness of Nature, also it makes me feel the intensity of Nature. In Nature’s God I trust. Thanks for sharing, stay blessed and have a delightful weekend. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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  3. dusk fall, birdsong
    full of untold stories
    then as a passer by
    I read your words
    shining bright
    across an ebony sky
    moon beams
    illuminate your story
    as you lay in solitude
    cradling your loneliness
    in reality maybe
    on Word Press not true
    everyone is here, with you
    so sleep well knowing
    were all here awaiting
    your next poem
    Precious Lady
    you enhance our life

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