Night's dream dew-laced in dawn's light
In the luminescence of a tear's essence.
Stars' crystal lustre pales afore sun's might
I suŕrender to the tenderness of their iridescence
To decode interlude of perceptions to make sense.

I lay bare my soul in the palette of dyes
As starlight fades in the anthem of birds
I quiet the tears that rise in my eyes
To paint pages with words that can be heard
Lines rise in rhythm with the world, savored.

#quintain (english)






46 thoughts on “Dew-laced

    1. My dear girl , I hope you are well and rested. You , Davy are very kind to this poor soul named Yasmin lol. I am grateful that you read my work and gimme such such wonderful lovely thoughts, you don’t know how happy I am , Maggi baby girl.

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  1. Natures reveille, the birds in full song
    Your tears, the dew, I touch before its gone
    Enthralled by your poems you know I am
    From day one of our meeting your biggest fan
    I allude to Word Press, where we first met
    Sadly not in person, at least not yet
    But your words I do savour, my muse
    Inspirations I can not, will not refuse.
    I too. in darkness ogle the stars, hurting
    In danger of you, maybe misinterpreting
    My reason for my poetic replies, but then
    Realised its you, my muse, that guides my pen.

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      1. I know it is.. Hmm.. There is no process just natural instincts.. And yet there is a order surrounded by chaos.. It’s the first time since Wordsworth Prelude, that I felt this way…

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  2. God, this is such great poetry. Your words roll off the tongue and I love that you use so much alliteration. Your description of dawn’s arrival is superb – as starlight fades in the anthem of birds… WOW! Just WOW! And laying ‘bare your soul in the palette of dyes’ is what you do every time your pen hits the paper (or fingers hit the keys). I should stop babbling now and just breathe.

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