stardust soothes my brow

stardust soothes my brow
in moon's iridescent glow.

calls of the night are short and brief
a zephyr dances with a leaf.

i inhale scents of wilted blossoms
igniting tempest of bruised emotions.

the liquid darkness enconsces me
my breath holds temptations plea.

i trace love's rhapsody on my lips
this magic phenomenon my heart skips.

the blue of your lapis lazuli eyes spill
jeweled moondew sparkles with thrill.

drenched in moonglow, i rendezvous
nocturnal prance of quill's bleu.

#rhyming couplets

43 thoughts on “stardust soothes my brow

  1. Such a treat for the senses. I love these couplets and how they are spatially written – starting at your brow and ending with you completely drenched in moon light. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful metamorphic rock and even more so when it is shaped and polished. I’ve never heard it’s colour used to describe eyes and I love how you follow it with jeweled moondew – great play on words. May the moonglow always ignite the tempest within and your ‘quill’s bleu’ continue to prance to create the most beautifully choreographed dances.

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    1. Ah! What a beautifully worded comment. Your comments are so poetic , I feel like reading it again. You could make a verse of it. Especially the last lines.
      I just sighed into the sky, did you hear me?
      Thank you , Al Pacino. Truly , the Godfather ! I bow.

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      1. There is a well of ink from your soul, scattered through the digital universe and felt in those early morning breezes. Thanks for coming by!

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  2. Hmm.. Maybe I am wrong.. But I felt sadness in these couplets.. Hurtful emotions… Holding the sinful desire.. Even the sadness in the wisdom filled eyes.. And actively at night writing these words.. The only thing that was surprising to me was rhapsody on my lips.. I didn’t know you read so engagingly.. Must be an avid reader.. Of course this is what I think.. I could be wrong..

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