spill some ink

play the
that is my heart.
across the universe, i sing my song
with devotion of heaven's untold worth.
I walk through storms,
Under clouds
that pour
drenched in
transparent hues.
you hold my thoughts in warmth of your embrace
pull up a chair and sit next to my soul
play in my dreams
spill some ink
on my 



100 thoughts on “spill some ink

  1. You are an enchantress of poetry, feeding those who hunger for such beautiful words. This is pure poetry in a wonderful form. Clearly your soul speaks to many of us and it inspires us to spill our own. Awesome!!

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      1. guess i was mistaken then.
        it is real to me.
        i like to feel things
        as well as see them.
        like tiptoeing in translucent hues,
        while watching the sky above,
        trudging through mud and water,
        feeling, seeing, enjoying it all.
        looking for the right place,

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  2. that tiptoeing drenched in transparent hues is such a perfect description. On still days i move through the water trying not to disturb it while drenched in all the color embracing me. that is exactly what it would look like to anyone watching because i am in the color. it took you 5 words to portray that.

    devotion of heaven’s untold worth is so powerful too. sunsets to me are like a taste of heaven. not that i am any way worthy to receive it. yet it is still available to me and makes me feel loved even on some worst days. i remember some of the first ones that blew me away and they still do. that is such a wonderful feeling and can be so moving at times when you feel close to heaven for awhile.

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  3. that is why i believe sunsets have the power to change us. they burn beauty into our being. once you are saturated in beauty so intense, you no longer desire banal attractions of the world. but you have to want it. the beauty is available to those who desire it.

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  4. it is that way for me too. i mainly point and shoot while walking about. nothing special going on on my part. the show is in the sky and on the water. i just take it in. truth is, as i watch the slideshows i am often astounded by the images. but i consider them given to me and nothing i did special. it has been a total gift and has changed my life in many ways.

    i share this with you because you have been there with me enjoying the pictures. i really appreciate that. i have been reading you for a long time now too and that has been a blessing as well. i want to thank you again. you have meant much to me these past few months and to many others as well.

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    1. I love photography too so for me these pictures are heaven sent. You are gifted and for us that is a blessing . It’s soothing too !
      Thank you ebyaniy, for being there , I think I associate you with all things beautiful, you have been a part of this beautiful journey of mine in WP. Very grateful to you.

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  5. Your heart is the best instrument, there is no better melody that can arise from such an Angelic instrument. The notes are permanent and the tunes are irreplaceable. A masterpiece you have laid and played Yassy. 🎼

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  6. i take pictures clickedy click, then study them at length, inviting complexity into my soul, perceiving intense beauty on display, feeling the moments over again.

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