your midnight blue eyes

your midnight blue eyes
steal the sleep from my eyes:
the night becomes a poem
as i find my way 
to the stars..

96 thoughts on “your midnight blue eyes

      1. Your words aren’t..and the first line reveal you.. The third line also reveal (you while you write).. In between an endless transition (back and forth)..

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      2. Calliope, I will read..and i will observe from the distance.. I know you breathe poetry… I know you will not only live but embrace it..

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    1. Thank you my best my best my best pal. You are amazing too , hope you know that. You are like Van Gogh and Einstein rolled into one. Love lots of love to you. 😘😘😘

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      1. If I have joker for a friend ” i can’t be serious , can I , seriously , brainiac Freezer guy, thank you for the smiles and the laughs. Have a gorgeous weekend,my friend.

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      1. Just You: And True: Easy, That! (Oh, WOW! I earned a J! Calloo, Callaa! I now have but one hour aboard this magic train left before I trek to garden to see with Ms. Lizard has about that to say! Still have another row of okra to plant…we are promised deluges for days…but I know “They” and “Their” promises. I have a hose to repair and same said of me…just finished shoving third half-gallon bottle of yestermade suntea.

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  1. One thing I’ll always have.
    Is time to read your poetry,
    Your words.
    I see you there on cloudless nights,
    Your poetry guides me direct,
    Your words.
    You open eyes once closed,
    To the beauty of your poetry,
    Your words.
    If words are all you have
    Every one, a priceless treasure,
    Your words.
    You give hope, joy, to all,
    Who read with enamoured passion,
    Your words
    Write on Precious Lady,
    Were all enamoured with your poetry,
    Your words.

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      1. I use to write a lot and post everyday…however, my method on posting has changed ever since. I only post Mondays & Wednesdays. I feel it is necessary and I have a lot of writings that are done and ready to post. I’m saving the best for last in every work I put out. 🙂

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