El Pecado

the night slumbers
darkness overtakes light
dousing the effulgence..

the cumbersome clouds 
tease the shy moon
as she tries to take a peep
from behind the fast moving 
grey curtain of flimsy ice..

dogs howl mournfully
as if knowing 
of nightmares being dreamt
on beds of comfort and fluffy pillows
eyelids flicker uneasily
It is not the sleep 
of the peaceful
whose hearts are engraved 
with the stamp of sin..
A symbol that has no identity
The deeds that spill forth
Bloodying the streets
Lasting but not everlasting 
Like all good things have to end
So do the bad...

52 thoughts on “El Pecado

  1. I love this, Yassy. From the ominous beginning, through the description and personification of clouds teasing the ‘shy moon’, to the promise that all things end, even the bad, this is a great piece of art. Stunning work, my friend!

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      1. You are most welcome, Poetess Yassy! You are a sensitive soul and that you connect to your surroundings (and people therein) so very well, does not surprise me at all. You have a great gift and we are blessed to be able to enjoy it.

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  2. OK, now I understand the scar you bear. You revealed it, at least I think you did in this poem. But i could be wrong.. I hope (for the first time, I am).. It truly is ‘Sin’…

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      1. You are better. But this post was unsettling.. You draw something, you drew a part (a past) of your current self….(i like the dog will howl mournfully)… But again i could be wrong..

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      2. There are so many things , honestly , nothing to do with me, it’s all observation, it used to affect me but I seem to have become blasΓ©! Dogs howl every night , actually. Oh God. I feel so muddled up.

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  3. Yassy, there is so much to contemplate in this excellent poem. I get the initial sense it is a reflection of bad things going on in the world at the moment. Great poetry.

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