white breath of lilac

white breath of lilac:

I walk into native rain 

under a broken sky….


82 thoughts on “white breath of lilac

      1. I think its more than that. Its like sort of detachment.. Like a clear mind knowing that alienation.. But accepting it.. Something not manifested but born with.. Something natural.. But again this is what i think, and I could be wrong..

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      2. No, its clearly written by you.. I read what you reveal.. I do hope that you will find the land where you can plant your feet and can call home.. (Also i hope people can read you more clearly both personally and digitally)..

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      3. Nobody has told me this clearly before what I have striven to put on paper. I really slave over what I write. It’s satisfying. I don’t know about people reading me more clearly. Hope.

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      4. I read you and i listen to you.. You paint a picture so vivid that i feel sorry for anyone not visiting your shores..

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      5. I want to tell you , I just checked my stats and I see the number of views are more than the number of likes. Why ? I think people don’t like me ha ha ha ha , did I say something wrong, Apollo? You seem to know all the answers.

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      6. Views are different. Your own viewing of a post is registered as a view Calliope.. And if someone is accessing your site from home page.. Irrespective of whether he clicked any posts or not.. All the post on the home page will be registered as a view in stats.. Don’t worry..

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      7. I know.. Your only solace, obsession, desire.. Your only home in this whole wide world.. Are the words you express in your poetry.. Poetry is you.. And your poems and your expressions are inseparable…

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    1. Love the colors of lilac and I love the colour of your beautiful soul , Lulia. Thank you dear friend for being here. Have a safe and happy weekend. ❀️❀️❀️

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