starry night brings delight
how I love the stars' light
shimmering , glittering, bright
twinkling like sapphires
scintillating and shining
like lanterns glowing
through the darkness igniting
dreams that keep showing


74 thoughts on “starry

  1. This takes me back to my childhood. As a kid, I spent hours on my back, looking up at the stars at night. I love the rhyme and the alliteration, not to mention the beautiful description of those stars.

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      1. Me, too, Yassy. I’;ve even begun to photograph the stars at night. Every time I look up, I find myself lost and no to star-gazing moments are alike. You are most welcome, Y!

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      2. I am only just getting comfortable sharing poetry with other humans and don’t think I am ready to share my amateur photos. Perhaps in a few years 🙂

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  2. This piece is very reflective on Starry starry night by Don Mclean based on the life of Van Gogh. Hauntingly beautiful piece. in truth, I love the night sky.

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      1. I have always wanted to share a light indigo to a warm pink skies, while counting down stars with someone to cherish a moment and ending up with a really strong nescafe in that morning.

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      2. fruitful nights and endless days of pure blissful unconditional love, with some real intellectual intercourse. mmm. . . that would be the ultimate of mine, milady.

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