a slight wind fans the mabkhara
the tent stands lone in the vast emptiness
of the desert,
through the shifting sands
time seems to stand still...
little sand dunes....picture perfect
in the deep brooding silence
my ears strain to catch the nuzzing 
of camels..
little flocks of sheep and goat
nuzzle at the grey green foliage,
dotting the sands randomly..
crows gather at the carcass of a dead camel..
flies swarm around..
the sky is blue as ever
in this hot arid land
the nomadic lives
in his oasis of life..


92 thoughts on “Bedouin

  1. Are you describing yourself? The poetry is oasis…but what it is you are making effort to hear.. I wonder.. You are wild in your boundaries of imagination. It is you who dwells freely…

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    1. Well, lol. I would like to run away from everything everyone one day and dwell in the mountains , the desert , because nature gives so much to you, man only takes away.
      I think your imaginary is taking a stroll when you read my work.
      The poetry is of course my oasis…

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      1. You know I think there is a connection in all of your last 3 posts relating to desert. You reveal little. But your words reveal too much. But sometimes it reveals one or two memories also.. But again this is what I think..

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      2. But again don’t you feel like the World is constrained.. People don’t understand they want to feed on narration.. If you want narrative incidents read a newspaper.. Writing is meant to tingle your senses, expand your thought process and pull you emotionally.
        Your poems make me feel that way.. It is so good to read something artistic..

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      3. The world is constrained. The media says whatever it wants to not necessarily based on facts but people are getting more aware , maybe google , the you tube or the Wikipedia is helping , newspapers are so mundane!
        Poetry goes beyond the mundane , you get the gist of it my friend, I am getting to know you still I know you not, quoting you, i may be wrong. But atleast you are not talking of falling.

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      4. I have promised not to spill my sadness…And you know me but i have met you through your poetry.. You know the one of the earlier post line β€œI stand on sand” Inspired me to write today’s Senryu.. Post Noise.. You read it today.. I wanted to tell you back then.. But i restrain myself..

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      5. I can understand, my friend. We have to be okay. It doesn’t help not being okay. I realize that. Nobody really cares. Well, see you around. It’s good to see you here.

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    1. That is such a huge compliment. I feel so good so happy. That is what I strive , poetry needs no pictures , you have to create one with words. Margaret , I thank you from my heart. I think your friendship is a gift not because you say nice things but you are genuine and true. A pure soul. That is why you speak freely and generously.

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      1. You certainly always create the imagery. And when you are describing something, that isn’t so obvious, it still transforms your readers. I am always engrossed in the comments people make to you. I see how your words invoke feelings, perspectives, memories in people. That is talent.

        I mean roses are red, violets are blue, Yassy writes poetry, and so can you, is a poem but it doesn’t create something of significant meaning, like your poems do. If that makes sense :):)

        If anything that came out of me that is genuine and true, that came from God. :):)

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      2. Now I feel weepy reading your thoughts. You know , I must have done somethin good that I can’t remember to get a friend like you. I like people , actually. I like them without wanting anything. It feels so awesome to connect. Oh! Maggie. Sending you a teary hug.

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      3. awww I don’t ever want to make you cry. Always smiles when you see me, or read my words. They are made for smiles, so I have to agree that you must have done something good if you feel that way about them. God uses the least of the tools in His box (me) πŸ™‚ to generate some happy thoughts for you πŸ™‚ because of something Good you have done in your life πŸ™‚ I am your friend but I read that, with all the love you typed it and I feel guilty, like I am accepting that praise. When, I feel I offer so little but for you to feel so happy, that is God πŸ™‚ is all I know to say. He is blessing you, and me both πŸ™‚

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      4. They are tears of joy , my sweet friend. It makes my day when I see you here. We are sisters on line. I think we should adopt each other. I swear on God , I hereby consider Margaret my sister. Amen. Forever.

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  2. I got lost in the oasis of words – this paradise hidden in the dessert of blogosphere. That’s how this digital nomad sees your poetry. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry, Yassy!

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    1. You are so sweet I am going to call you Toblerone, I just had one, you are generous with your appreciation. I feel like writing more poetry. Thank you my good new friend , I feel inspired.

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      1. Ah, I love Toblerone so I will savour the compliment πŸ™‚ Yes, please, write more poetry, my wonderful new friend. πŸ™‚

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