riding the desert trail

i caress her jibbah
her night black eyes gaze at me
she whisks her silky mane
lets me ride the wind
her spirited gallop
devours the desert trail...
Her sensitivity to human nuances
a loving bond has created
she is the most majestic
she is the most exquisite
she is the pride of the desert..

My Arabian..

51 thoughts on “riding the desert trail

      1. You are a good person, Lulia. I love bonding with you here, I have made some fabulous friends here and I cherish our friendship. You have been with me right from the start and I am so grateful to you for reading my work!

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    1. Well, I so want to own one, it’s a dream ! I am going to check these breeds that you mention , but the Arabian is so sleek and fluid , beautiful lines. Thank you, Michael.

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  1. WOW! I was there, sitting on that beautiful horse, in that desert. Captivating and stunning imagery. I love horses and they are so sensitive to their surroundings. I believe there is no greater bond than that between a horse and its human counterpart. Thanks for this gorgeous ride, Yassy!!

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  2. Beautiful and exquisite poetry yassy. I have had the pleasure of a ride on an Arabian Horse and this poem brings back some wonderful memories. Thank you.

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