heartache in the net



This is dedicated to Nonie .

It is a world of deceit
Wooing with words, an ordinary feat.

Useless breaking your heart
Over somebody who gave life a new start

The internet friendship is a fake
Some people a fool for you take

The ache in your heart is for you to suffer
Maybe some people will beg to differ

Words of love tossed around easily
Conscience takes a hold but only fleetingly...



61 thoughts on “heartache in the net

  1. Oh dear, Yassy, this is a very sombre poem. All aspects of this world are similar, there are good people and people who are not as nice and some who are downright horrible. We must all focus on the good and try to let our lights shine.

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  2. Nonie… I know not your gender
    Truth can hurt, not always tender
    Heed those words, don’t ignore
    In Yasmin, you can be sure
    Me, deceive, that’s not cleaver
    Yasmin, my ‘Best Internet Friend Forever’
    My BIFF, you precious Lady
    My muse, true, no maybe!

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  3. It’s that kind of world, sadly, but somewhere among the throngs of deception, true friendships grow. May these be the ones we find and nurture. Well-said, Yassy!

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      1. Ah, such a witty poet you are! I have the pot on so swing by for a cuppa šŸ™‚ I warn you, though, it’s bold and strong – the coffee, I mean lol

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      2. I can handle that. But I am a tea drinker šŸ˜‚ lol , Thankx for the invite , never know I might take you up on that one day. Be warned my friend.

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      3. I enjoy tea as much as coffee so there will always be both at my humble abode. Friends need not be warned as I am a drop-in kinda social hot beverage sipper. šŸ™‚

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      1. Brilliant, Lady Yasmin. When did you get it done? The yes take a little while to settle, but it’s worth it. Good news; I’m so pleased for you.

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