desert storm

the red sky heralds
a sand storm.
Beautiful sand dunes
shaken by the wind
sand swirling 
spinning madly
round and round
stinging my eyes
feeding me..
rummaging through
my hair..
almost blowing
my clothes away..
trying to lift me
off my feet..

I stand my ground
I stand on sand...

60 thoughts on “desert storm

  1. I’m posting this comment on behalf of Sight at He wanted me to let you know that his comments aren’t being posted on others’ blogs and are, for some strange reason, going to bloggers’ spam folders. So please check your WordPress spam folder for comments from Sight and make them as not being spam. Thanks.

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  2. Lovely write Yassy dear, I read that and automatically thought of miles and miles of Red Sand and thought about how free one feels out there. Desert Storm also represents freedom for some countries as it stands now.

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      1. But I commented and all disappeared.. I ask Fandango to tell you. That Saint guy like me always check spam folder. My earlier comments must have went to your spam folder. Strange I can now post like before. I wrote a Help post hoping everyone would understand..

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      2. You are getting them today.. For the last two days, I posted them and they disappeared. Gods punished me as Calliope, you gave me title of Apollo.. I told you a less learned cannot instruct.. He can only follow.. I was so worried with your poem last line that I commented.. But the concern never went through..

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      3. I already did.. But it was later when Fandango posted that my comments were getting to Spam.. That I contacted Akismet.. I than realised.. That someone before approval must have marked my comment as Spam.. I was only commenting on the post material.. And thinking maybe there is a problem from my end..

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      4. Well, all is well. I sometimes do not get posts on my reader from the people I follow. We just have to bear with it, I guess. Anyways , I hope your week goes well!


      5. I also hope that.. I will discuss about the post.. But later especially the last line, β€œI stand on sand”. It was chilling.. Imagine reading the post and thinking Sand as an unforseen event (or time, future unexpected) which can destroy your current chain of events(again, time but present) but cannot break your will.. And than the dreaded revelation.. I stand on Sand.. I will not say what i interpret from that.. It will be embarrassing.. But i will give a hint (time, something in past)..

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