the substance of my spirit
is almost ethereal
an idealistic vim
almost ecclesiastical in zeal.

contemplation helps kindle
latent intuitiveness
that is inherent in me
I,essentially quintessential..


72 thoughts on “intrinsic

  1. I feel.. happiness and believe.. Like a pinnacle has been reached.. Without compromising the core.. Which was a slow and thoughtful process.. A process based on feelings.. Feelings that were inseparable (or for that matter define) your identity.. Now you are driven.. With an unworldly zeal.. Almost as if it is being driven with a purpose.. But again this is how i feel..

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  2. But as you said it is intuitive.. And reality is and will be cruel.. I like how you bare it all in your poetry..and yet remain cryptic.. In this verse.. The first part is essentially following the second part, not the other way around. But i think many will not get that. Or I could be wrong..

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    1. Sorry i was writing the second part is essentially following the first part not the other way around.. My bad.. But again I could be wrong..

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      1. You brought back a memory Calliope.. When i was a little.. My teachers were never pleased with me.. One day.. A teacher called me in front of the whole class and said, β€œNever be like this child, he is ignorant”. I remember raising my head and saying the words, β€œI ignore only after I see”. Now i know Calliope, you put those words..

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      2. For me Calliope ignorant is a state just like contemplate.. How can you be ignorant of something you don’t know.. And if you know and ignore than you are no longer ignorant.. You feel and you know you are to borrow your term.. Calliope..quintessential..

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