my song

my song....a whisper of a savoir-faire delight.I catch moments gone astray
as the ache of memoirs refrain comes up with the treasure of an old melody..

the strings of guitar
scatter harmonious..
breathing tender winds

In the turquoise blue of sky, sunbeams melt like dewdrops sparkling 
fluorescent..exploding heat..the sun's incarnations..a continued omnipresence...
for eternity..

trees glitter in gold
as sun renews 
its promise of warmth

I submit to the trance of music, fling my emotions to the sky.I feel my vision
blur, the crush of tears in my eyes heart lacquers my cheek...

like a requiem
I inhabit this space called earth..
vibrant sensations

notes break like interlude, a rendezvous of synopsis, I waltz into a love anthem.
I glide into an awakening of dulcet stave..

I walk
the cliffs of Dover
with a song in my head...


a poem in my pen

I hear my heart beating
as I stand alone
with my thoughts
in the darkening night...
I hear the muted voices
of my deepest reveries..
the endless night
swallows up the
sounds of sleeping birds
as blossoms dream in slumber
I hear the song
of the milky way..

I look for a 
poem in my pen...

I step into….wanderlust

I step into twilight's fog
and rendezvous in night's prologue..

birds, bees, butterflies, grace the glade
as nomadic sounds float and fade..

I breathe in the scent of aurum leaves
over the horizon, the sky hangs like the eaves..

I feel the cleansing of my spirit
as the earth embraces my feet...

I am a child of this earth
I love this planet for all that it is worth..

I wander the world with stardust in my eyes
before the sparkle of life in me dies...

sine qua non

shape shifting balance
a cabal metamorphosis
of stigmatized beliefs
apocalyptic orders
of a new world order
hegemony of freemasonry
setting a paradigm
greens riding 
on the backs 
of globalists..
a peace tourniquet

surgery of the brain
without anesthesia
scalpels like daggers
piercing concise incisions
cloning ellipsis
revolution of the invasion
alien to human spirit
immortality of darkness

sine qua non

peace...a tourniquet

does not feel like home anymore




God's gift
to mankind.
the terrorists
excuse for killing
in name of religion
no religion, faith condones
murder or suicide in God's name
the frustration of demented minds
manifests itself in this destruction


to all the people , in Syria, London, Paris, Kabul........