the chemistry

deep in my heart, a yearning
like a fire that keeps burning
my soul's rousing
a sweet obsession warming
giving life a new dawning
emotions so compelling
leaving me agonizing
for a bonding
that our hearts have been courting
chimerical besotting
a tender glance
my days and my nights filling
a reverie spent flying
a cupid's prance
to dizzying heights sending
our love's rites and reasoning.
tender romance
brimming with pure radiance
taking a pledge of substance
a climaxing
of two spirit's in vibrance
souls singing in resonance
glowing, searing
sensibilities enhance
an unrestrained stimulance
a blossoming.



47 thoughts on “the chemistry

  1. truelove… me thinks
    in the offing… err close by
    your heart… don’t be shy
    your beautiful words
    evocative… truelove… seeking
    bonding… I imagine…

    Just read your last comment, you most definitely do have a most highly active imagination, never over active, just smoothly writing along, quizzical, but very pleasing… ๐Ÿ™‚


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