yet again

when the night hurts
there are still stars in the sky...
and the scent of zephyr
as it spills moonlit dew
on somnolent blooms
like tinsel on drowsing
gossamer wings..
In the quietude of my dreams
I think of


83 thoughts on “yet again

      1. I see you have not posted anything on your blog. Well, sometimes I just write or say something off the cuff. And believe me, I always share my thoughts. Lay bare my soul. ๐Ÿ˜‚ lol

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  1. emancipation
    i am sure… not God who wished
    you can not do that
    nor this… wrong… err ones culture
    ban the word gender
    me… i help… am helped
    me… am loved… I love living
    with equal respect

    Respect for you Precious Lady

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