my song

my song....a whisper of a savoir-faire delight.I catch moments gone astray
as the ache of memoirs refrain comes up with the treasure of an old melody..

the strings of guitar
scatter harmonious..
breathing tender winds

In the turquoise blue of sky, sunbeams melt like dewdrops sparkling 
fluorescent..exploding heat..the sun's incarnations..a continued omnipresence...
for eternity..

trees glitter in gold
as sun renews 
its promise of warmth

I submit to the trance of music, fling my emotions to the sky.I feel my vision
blur, the crush of tears in my eyes heart lacquers my cheek...

like a requiem
I inhabit this space called earth..
vibrant sensations

notes break like interlude, a rendezvous of synopsis, I waltz into a love anthem.
I glide into an awakening of dulcet stave..

I walk
the cliffs of Dover
with a song in my head...


74 thoughts on “my song

      1. Am always here for you dear saster , let the cloud burst on you, and let it cleanse your uneasiness, this too shall pass. Am ever hopeful, that may be my biggest problem, I don’t know sweetie pie. You take care

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  1. The bluebirds are flying tonight with this wonderful haibun yassy. I love how you have broken the words and lines to keep the rhythm of the piece. e.e. cummings would be proud.

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  2. A great haibun poem

    Also, these are my favorite lines:

    “I submit to the trance of music, fling my emotions to the sky.I feel my vision
    blur, the crush of tears in my eyes heart lacquers my cheek…”

    I relate to this very much…and I picture you reciting this poem on a YouTube video.
    Have you considered making a YouTube video? You should…I feel the passion in your work and how much soul you put into your craft.

    Yassy…you are beautiful and lovely. 🙂

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      1. Many cliffs I have assailed
        Walked their tops, such views
        An experience I’ll never have
        Walking those white Dover cliffs
        Alone or err alone with you
        Dreams permitting, fantasies,

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      2. What can I say
        Thanks wont suffice
        Wishes too me thinks
        To write a verse
        One you can save
        Keep in your purse
        I have to compose
        Words in form
        That of you are worthy

        My muse you are
        Inspirational goddesses
        I have sought
        On WordPress
        Many I have found
        But one that sits
        On my shoulder
        Is indeed you
        Yasmin Khan

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      1. Fortunately it wasn’t a hack, it was a script error, but it took the other PC and a smart phone to clear it. So I am back on mine now, yay!

        Lucky I had my radar on
        An saw them coming in
        I stood there, caught them
        Now my face is all a grin

        Thank you…

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