a poem in my pen

I hear my heart beating
as I stand alone
with my thoughts
in the darkening night...
I hear the muted voices
of my deepest reveries..
the endless night
swallows up the
sounds of sleeping birds
as blossoms dream in slumber
I hear the song
of the milky way..

I look for a 
poem in my pen...


76 thoughts on “a poem in my pen

  1. your pen” its your conveyer
    your poems come from your heart
    they then flow to your willing pen…
    your words it does them impart
    to every reader… your feelings…
    be they dark or bright,,, all inspirational
    oft they’ve gave to me a little bit of you
    I’m sure other readers feel this way too

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      1. true words I speak
        when spoke of you
        although my heart can leak
        made up scenario’s too
        words to suit a challenge
        oft hard I find to manage
        for in my heart its truth i seek
        spoke of you tis truth I speak

        Liked by 1 person

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