Paul Mcaleavey

Paul Mcaleavey is no more...I can't believe this.Its like a horrible dream.
I opened my twitter this morning and found a post from his sister ..
He passed away on may 29th.He was of the few bloggers who was always
 around, he helped people and didnt make it obvious.I remember when i had 
problems with my blog, he was the one who told me about it..and that helped me
solve my issues with wp.
I cant go on ..its too much ..I will miss him more so because he was into fitness
and so am I and I found his posts very helpful..I will miss him
I am sure those of you who knew him will ..


61 thoughts on “Paul Mcaleavey

  1. Sorry for your loss, the WP loss. I didn’t know of his blog, but felt the deep sadness in your words about him. It is always hard to lose those we care about.


  2. I am new to this world, but I can see from all your words that this person had an effect on you all. Your words and thoughts will help him live forever. He must have found your friendship a light in a sometimes dark world. You honor him.

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    1. You understand more than what I have explained. There was pure friendship between us. I don’t know have to say it. But I think you understand , Thankx John.


      1. Hey you, I bet he’s looking down, and saying to himself, “Yassy forget the what if’s, we were friends, and that’s what mattered”. Your right on that last score, yep, he’s definitely in a better place!

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  3. The “better place” he should have been in was the world we should have made. I can’t believe that I’m reading this and to learn that he is gone. He was always around, reblogging the posts of the people he enjoyed reading and promoting. Wow, I can’t believe this. Poor Paul. Poor family of Paul’s. It really makes you think and reflect. I’m sure that’s what he would have wanted us to do. So, I am. Wow. Appreciative of the good things/people out there.

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