apple extraordinaire

the apple has the pea pod under its care

giving it identity

making it an ipod

#kimo poetry

53 thoughts on “apple extraordinaire

    1. Oops!!!😜ðŸĪ“ I love playing with words , I am so happy you found it fun. Fun in the pun, lol , I almost wrote pub , ðŸ˜ē! Thank you, my dear Gorgeous !😘😘

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      1. We’re fine here. Sadly, not the case in Manchester and London. So bad, the things that happen. We mustn’t forget the women and children killed in Kabul last week either.

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      2. I wish I had an answer that doesn’t cause me anguish, Yassy: I know I do not comprehend the ways of God, nor even most – including me – men. I’d rather sit under a nice shade tree and watch my world entertain me. But like any gardener who expects to dine of his garden’s yield, care and nurture and pruning and, yes, weeding, needs apply. This is what we have wrought; maybe God will help after we quit our seats and take out the motes and beams in our own eyes and unbind our own hands and mouths. I just don’t know and, like you both, my anguish over the innocent, especially the children and their bereft families leaves me limp and then so very angry. What I must do to weed this garden is learn first to know and love the weed and see how best to change it and if it changeth not then cast it out.

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