Moonbeams dance

moonbeams dance on my pillow
this unknown summer night
venus blooms like cereus
in an ebony sky
a hushed wind carries 
My dreams to you
I pick up my pen...

383 thoughts on “Moonbeams dance

  1. Lyrics in action. I like how the poem captures the present and makes that very moment its own creation. The poem remains alive even after the reading stops. Not a single word is extra. The train of imagery is beautiful, travelling through a land of reality, mythology, nature, dreams and coming back to its source in the end. Enthusiastic to read more of your works.
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    1. Yes, agree with this review. Transitioning between reality and dream is most accomplished in this piece. The elements of nature like the moonbeams, the sky, the summer night and the wind establish this connection so beautifully expressed. And “not a single word is extra”. Love the concision and the power this poem has. The image of moonbeams dancing on a pillow provides a great opening. It gives the poem wings and beauty. At the same time it is the first bridge between reality and the world of dreams. Isn’t dancing also associated with our dreams and desires? Also, I like the air of mystery with the “unknown summer night”. “Venus blooms like cereus” provides beauty with thorns. I am wondering about this. If Venus stands for Love perhaps this hints at some relationship where someone was deeply hurt or not reciprocated? Well, it’s just personal interpretation. In any case, the image of cereus and that of the “ebony sky” bring the feeling of texture in your piece, which is wonderful. So sensual and delightful when you can taste a poem with many of your senses. “A hushed wind” is a lovely image too for its beautiful contrast. It makes the reader think and helps maintain the air of mystery. The last verse is a total change where, after the persona has been contemplating the transitions between reality and dreams, he or she decides to take action and grab a pen. A lovely piece, Yassy!

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      1. You are very perceptive and I love the way you have interpreted my poem. Thank you for this beautiful, wonderful comment.
        What a magnificent magnanimous heart you have.

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