the light of darkness

the beauitful night sky
millions of twinkling stars
little tufts of grey clouds
wafting across the crescent
far away, I see a shooting star
I forget to make a wish..
the glory of 
the magnificent expanse
keeps me spellbound












53 thoughts on “the light of darkness

  1. I know if i could see your eyes
    I’d see shooting stars so bright
    A wish I’d make for your delight
    Your every day a best surprise

    Such is life, your so far away,
    But look, a star, your eyes.
    Yours, and cant be disguised.
    Momentary, they can not stay.

    Reflections, oops! one winked,
    Then both, gone, seeking wonders.
    Shooting stars, silent thunderers!
    Goodnight, see you later, blinked.

    🌾 πŸ’ 🌷 🌹 πŸ₯€ 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺 everyone a thank you!

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  2. I live out away from cities and town, the sky is always clear here, since it doesn’t get drowned out by the city lights and I stand out on the porch at night and see shooting starts at least once a week. Sometimes they are small and burn out quickly. Other times they are the long lasting, streaking through the sky. It’s always amazing but I always forget to make a wish πŸ™‚

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    1. Well, I live in the city and it’s ages since I saw a shooting star. I am glad atleast i can see the stars and the moon πŸŒ™! What a scene it must be, seeing a star shooting. Wow. Lucky you.

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