P..Perfecting the plank workout
I..Improving balance, flexibility
L..Living healthy, boosting mood
A..Abs, muscles toning
T..Tailoring  overall fitness
E..Emphasizing physical, mental health
S..Sustaining, enhancing the core

63 thoughts on “Pilates

      1. Seriously, Lady Yasmin, I am useless at getting others to do things I can do myself. The downside is that I’ve been awake for 46 hours doing things I can do. The only good good thing is that Arsenal beat Stoke 4-1 away from home…snore, yawn, snore a bit more…extra snore and a controlled yawn…yawn.

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      2. Yes, i know. So much more peace in doing one’s own work. Arsenal are on a winning streak. Great!! You better tuck yourself into bed ! Good night. Sleep well.

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