Oh Moon!

Oh Moon!--what would
you do if there were
no stars in 
the sky!

A tsuki, nanidarou
Anata ga shite ireba
hoshi no nai




89 thoughts on “Oh Moon!

      1. Lady Yasmin. A question. Are you finding on WP that when you type the letter ‘R’ or ‘L’ in the tags for a post, WP won’t let you? My keyboard is working fine, yet life without ‘R’ and ‘L’ on the tags is annoying!

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      1. Haha no sherif san, it goes after the name lol. And it’s kinda more formal.

        So for friends you would use “sherif kun” and for girls you use “chan” to make them cute. So I’d call you Yassy chan

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      2. Yes, sherif kun ! Thank you for enlightening me. I don’t trust google anymore not after it bailed out on me. Lol , Yassy chan , saying goodbye to sherif kun. Sounds good.

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      1. You are so endearing, if I love someone or if someone is a friend , then I have special names for them. It’s cozy and warm, don’t you think my little Soul. You will have to get used to me calling you all kinds of things. Am I granted the liberty my dear friend ? Like a soul saster

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  1. Here’s my translation. I hope you could enjoy.

    Oh Moon!–what would
    you do if there were
    no stars in
    the sky!
    Aa tsuki yo, nani wo
    suruto iu no daro
    kono hoshi no nai
    sora de.

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  2. There is a reason behind all phenomena in the universe including our existence on this planet but the more we see the less we know; Nature always rub its magnificence on all our faces.


      1. Thanks. Also I think it is the Sun who got Moon and Ms. Moonlight married. Sun plays an important role here but still moon has to spend life with Ms. Moonlight.

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