I write because

I write because
my pain is cry
that cannot be heard
I adore each word
that breathes from my pen
my quill thirsts the ink
that cherishes the luminescence
of my reveries..
silver winds carry 
the murmurs of my heart
that break from my breath
into a broken sigh..


54 thoughts on “I write because

  1. You write because you are a bonfire hidden away in the day. A bright beautiful star hiding behind a cloud. The moon herself pales at the beauty of your words. Everyone who reads is
    Better for it. Your beauty is far too great to stay inside your mind ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You are too good to me. Your words are like a balm that heals . I am so happy to be reading these beautiful words , it gives me strength. What you write is pure poetry. The beauty in your heart shines like a beacon. Thank you My heart ❤️


  2. For whatever reason you write, you keep doing it Yass because your writing is the light in that dark tunnel that allows readers to see the bright side of reading. We are so blessed to have a talent in this community like you.

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  3. Now THIS is poetry! I’ve also theorised that you need to pain to be a poet, and you’re proving me right here! Well done, Y!
    BTW, I’d written a couple of similar pieces a while ago…am too damn lazy to go pick them up for you, though, they’re quite purana but there on my blog… 🙂

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