yoga…the discipline

the yogi is like a lamp
that stays lit even when
a strong wind blows...
yoga is a harmonious co-ordination
of asanas and pranayamas
the breathing 
and the postures
the inhalation and the exhalation
calming the mind and the nerves
uplifting the human spirit
deliverance from sorrow, pain
liberation from earthly desires
disciplining intellect and emotion
perfect equilibrium of mind, soul, body
a communion of man's will
with the will of god
the ultimate spiritual bonding
with the One.

#vers libre


103 thoughts on “yoga…the discipline

  1. This is so beautiful and true Yassy!!!! Great minds… your twin reconnected with yoga again – 4 days of consistent routines for me. Today, I started with sun salutations. Made a huge huge difference.

    I had not done it in months, and getting back I realized how much I’ve missed it.

    Beautiful verse – your words flow like yoga. That beautiful breath – fluid as water. ❤️🙏🏻 Namaste – beautiful one!

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  2. i meditate
    deliberate often
    yoga…that’s for you
    your meditation
    deliberation freed
    yoga not for me
    bad news from me
    my wife very ill near death
    but still at home
    she nor me
    don’t understand the doctors
    a fighter Aileen is
    that’s my problem
    how is yours… you recovered
    from your nasty cold
    back soon i will be
    for now i have patient
    poorly wife


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      1. She is definitely getting better, she went shopping yesterday, and spent some time with Naomi, our youngest, things are looking up. Me, I’m as well as I can be, just keep taking my insulin and tabs an God willing I’ll be fine. You take care too!

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      1. We had a family get together today, celebrating her quick recovery, a very enjoyable night. I am totally wacked so catch you later. Before I go a big THANK YOU for your support!


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      2. I have an inkling to what is going on. It’s really scary , I know what you mean. You both must look after each other. Be well and healthy dear Aileen, please rest , please take if easy.

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    1. Yes, I simply love the Pilates. I find it fun. What a beautiful way of putting it, inverted form of yoga. You are so creatively inclined. Beautiful mind , my Angel has.

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      1. You are way to kind to me, always warms my heart, and you make me feel like I am special, truly you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that 🙂 I pray your day and every day is blessed. I’m getting ready to do pilates 🙂

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      2. Wow. You are doing Pilates. That is so awesome. You are so spiritual, you do Pilates. Now, I am dying to meet you. Nah, me not being kind to you. Your goodness is generating goodness all around. Ah. I feel so blessed in your presence. I sincerely and with all my heart send blessings and prayers. Be happy 😊, my good Angel. I so want to see your dear face, Silly me

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      3. I love pilates. I did them for a few years just on the floor, then God blessed me with and AeroPilates machine, which I love because it helps make sure you are aligned right so it gives you the best workout and it adds your body weight so again gives me a better workout 🙂

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      4. That is so wonderful. You must be really skilled at it now. It’s awesome that you have an Aeropilates machine. Lemme check it out on the web. Thank you for the info. Stay blessed my dear Fairy.

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