a summer rhapsody

transcending to evanesce, tantalize
bleeding a fervor carrying murmurs of
thousand cherished heartstrings to rhapsodize
unbidden cadence breaking to behove
a ballad that echoes from far embraces
quivering a mystical lure thereof.
a sun torching viridian skyscape
waking cordovan landscape to undrape.

#ottava rima

55 thoughts on “a summer rhapsody

      1. I tend to use couplets more than anything else. So, that’s interesting to hear. I even poke fun at myself for it in an earlier poem of mine that I’ll post sometime. I don’t remember my exact words but it has to do with couplets running across my page and setting the stage like star-crossed lovers … I’m sure that it’s not as good as I remember it.. πŸ˜›

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    1. So sweet of you , Ashu! I appreciate it very much , my friend. Now, I am really feeling under the weather ! Don’t feel up to anything! You really done me a great honor !


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