Floating free in this sparkling constellation
Spirit unburdened in celestial creation.

The heavens open their arms, embrace me
I am balanced to perfection, gravity free.

Needing my own space in time
Breathing easy, feeling sublime.

As I gaze into the stars, kiss their eyes
They shine on me with a wisdom so wise.

Hear my thoughts out loud, freedom’s voice
A voice of reason, a soundless rejoice.

Breathing space is emancipation
The Milky way, a galactic fascination.

As Higgs Boson captures my imagination
I float, intrigued, feeling need for exploration.

Mind over matter, in chimerical culmination.
Free, unfettered, an unhindered liberation.

dedicated to Kids Talk Radio , The Teachers of ‘Occupy Mars Band’


96 thoughts on “Space

      1. You will, I might even see you in Barboza, who knows. May all our dreams come true , my dear friend on WP , good luck to you. You can do it, you know that.


    1. The cold is not letting you breathe, Lord Zoolon. Did you take something for it? Is it a chest cold? Is your nose blocked? Are you coughing ? Hope it’s not a throat infection ? Dud it happen while you went hunting ? Take the day off!

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      1. I didn’t get an Easter Egg and now I have the worst cold anyone has ever had. Also, I can’t take a day off as I have a lot of singing to do – although my voice sounds like someone rubbing sandpaper against a brick.

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    1. Thank you, Davy. I actually write this a few months ago, just couldn’t reblog. So I had to do a fresh post. A comment from Kids talk radio got me to post this piece again. Thank you ! Hope your week is going well, Davy.

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  1. Aww Yassy!!! I feel like I am floating up there with you embracing the heavens!!!!
    “Hear my thoughts out loud, freedom’s voice
    A voice of reason, a soundless rejoice.
    Wow, wow, wow….absolutely astounding πŸ™‚

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  2. A reply as requested although a prompt not needed
    Your poem, all accolades have once again exceeded!

    You again my muse have me inspired to write a poem
    With yours in mind and a task on Mars has me driven

    So without no further ado
    My poem reply a couplet too.
    Beyond our stars, our milky way, consistent.
    Galaxies, light years away, in the far distance.

    You sense them too, their existence,
    Astronomers expound on there resilience.

    Exhilarating, a chance so so sublime,
    All souls will fly there come their time.

    But for you the speed of light, teleportation.
    The joys you’ll find beyond all expectation.

    The stars there will reflect your brilliance,
    Reflect your aura, your pure excellence.

    Your from a realm of euphoric splendour.
    Your words exude moods dark, and tender.

    Where only exemplary emotions can exist
    Peace forever, unashamed, total bliss!

    Your grace in your poetry, so discernible,
    Makes each one, each line so unforgettable.

    Like you my words flow, a dam wont stop them,
    But I can, and do force myself, so till next time then.


    For a precious Lady, Yasmin

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    1. Stunningly beautiful couplet. You are brilliant , my dear precious friend. You are in a class of your own. A star , you shine and light up all our lives. A beautiful mind you have , Mick. I am so so so so delighted with your couplet , you are simply fabulous.

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      1. You know I was too late to response… well here it is almost and I war robbing, sorry no money till the end of the month there is no hone, although not people just things, there you go I said it and I feel good, not tha I did it, i id get away from it though, just a bit of adrenaline flowing not too much. And guess what I robbed…. wine. That is how much I craved that shit after spending almost a month maybe, sober, not cool at all but, unfortunately is ot the first time I rob places, just in front of all them faces, seems I do have a childish face and if I dress nice most o the time I get away with it. But I promise is the last time…..
        For me, I can’t stil sober just going out patient clinics, If I really want to I have to get myself into one of those nutcases place or in jail, athough I did spend 6 months in jail and I tasted more than alchohol so who the hell know now, the only thing is that I didn;t got cought by the police and I’ m back here writing in a blog, that should be funny if they catch me, “what do you do?”….. “I write poetry and you have a beautiful agents gravity wich it is the normality….”
        Can you believe this

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      2. I think it’s okay Charly. I think you are a fabulous person. You write great and I love your honesty. I am quite proud to be friends with you. I have known you ever since I joined this blog. You are a good person , I just wish you would take more care of your health.


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