sultry summer


Blue and clear,the sky stretches over valleys

Cloudless splendor heralding summer’s fervor

Autumn’s colors fade as the flush of summer

Brightens life vivid


a sapphic verse


34 thoughts on “sultry summer

  1. summer no more here
    butterflies gone cruel spring
    summers fickle too

    The truth, parts of the south in the UK are finding increases however here in my local butterflies, along with bees, and many more insects are suffering, most cant cope with the daily fluctuating temperatures. and unseasonal heavy rainfall, not forgetting all the gales we’ve had of late. One example of how strong winds and heavy rain affects wildlife, in the spring and summer, to me its obvious, not so to all, for indeed what happens the canopy is stripped of the majority of larvae, aphids, eggs, and more, all sustenance for birds, bats and other mammals too. The last three years in/at my local has been really bad probably causing many local extinctions My garden alone is suffering. butterflies, hoverflies, all down in numbers. The painted lady four years since my last record, used to be abundant.


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