something like love

Lost  in the soft embrace

Of a light that bathes us in a glaze

Eyes that hold me in a daze

In a trancemy heart can only race

Torching senses with flaming rays

Aurora of warmth inside us blaze

Two souls caught in moonbeams grace

Creating their own love pace

We melt like wax to erase

Semblance of sanity, dreams interlace..


71 thoughts on “something like love

      1. I can see that, Lord Zoolon. You are blessed in many ways, you do music, you write poetry , you blog , you have no bad habits, whatsoever. And Eyes , to die for.

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      2. It was the best thing I ever did. No more glasses. It really is worth it. Not only can I see a football, I can head one without smashing my glasses. Seriously, it is worth having done.

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      3. It really is worth. I had it done while still in education, so my parents paid. It cost a lot in the UK, but I think in other places it can be done for much less money. I hope you get a good deal. The only issue – it’s not a big one – is the first few days after the treatment when you need a million eye drops.

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  1. tanka inspired by the best
    a precious Lady


    something tantamount
    love of hearts not quite the same
    love of life that’s me
    what would the world be no love
    desolate empty no change
    ah for the few love
    it finds its way unaltered
    ere the eons fly
    eyes the voice of ones soul
    let them talk they tell the truth
    i am never done
    time flies waits for no one
    no empathy none
    my heart beats maintains my life
    my wife’s love keeps me fit strong
    a precious Lady
    feel her emotion heartfelt
    words released appeal
    fill empty hearts removes woe
    music the food of love eat
    A beautiful poem, look what it did to me. πŸ™‚


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